Mason Saltarrelli’s solo exhibition Acoustic Tulips at TURN Gallery presents a selection of new paintings, works on paper, and a sculpture.

Examining his personal reasoning through study of spirit, folklore and objects, Mason Saltarrelli’s abstracted narratives are rendered through a meditative inspiration. Applying oil, gouache, graphite and spray, Mason Saltarrelli’s lively impressions, seemingly naive, breathe sophistication. Presenting subtle storytelling, his hypnotic dots, lyrical lines and raw smudges, whether on canvas or paper, are instinctive gestures.

In Acoustic Tulips Mason Saltarrelli’s works unfurl as a symbolic depiction of ghost-like documentation. Sharing a similar human form throughout, each canvas reflects a unique otherworldly experience. Laying supine, Saltarrelli's bronze personifies transition of spirit by a self-constructed object inspired by a specific Hopi Kachina Doll. Form depiction vibrates about each work, allowing cohesion, while simultaneously it is exclusively dismantled to reflect the importance of difference.


Arte Fuse, March 31, 2017