TURN Gallery presents AFTER HOURS, a group exhibition featuring work by Aglaé Bassens, Mary Corman, and Andy Mister. Devoid of human figures but resonant with their lingering presence, these artists depict— in their own visual language— spaces and scenarios imbued with a sense of longing for those who have left or those who should be there. Their canvases are visual echoes of a time gone by, exploring how human connection can take on a second life through objects, or even through space itself.

Aglaé Bassens sources her imagery from her own archive of personal and found photographs. The filmic quality and composition of her paintings lure us in with the promise of narrative, but the plot remains elusive and fragmented. Bassens’ paintings have the authenticity of personal memories cobbled together by intuition. The result is a collection of innermost glances in which the viewer recognizes his or her own emotional experience. While the works conjure feelings of loneliness or estrangement, they also offer understanding and companionship in our collective search for meaning.

Mary Corman’s paintings are filled with residues of the past. She depicts spaces marked by the histories of those who have visited before, witnessing the same formal elements, the same quiet emptiness. The history of these spaces imbues them with a sense of mystery and familiarity. Corman’s process is slow and steady. Her linen canvas is so refined and smooth that the oil paint seems to float above it until the canvas nearly disappears, allowing for layers of subtle gradations of light and a sense of transparency, a ghostly impression of the passage of time.

Andy Mister investigates the boundary between mechanical and manual reproduction. Working with images appropriated from both contemporary and vintage photographs, he examines how meaning is created or lost through the act of “copying.” His latest body of work centers around nostalgic floral still lifes that reference either out-of-print books on flower arranging or compositions he stages and has photographed. In his drawn pastel paintings, the images softly emerge from a monotone ground, creating an ethereal effect on a timeless plane.

AFTER HOURS will open Wednesday, March 6th from 6 - 8 pm. The show will be on view until April 20th. We are located on the 2nd floor of 32 East 68th Street NY, NY 10065. The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm. For further information, contact Annika Peterson at ap@turngallerynyc.com.