TURN Gallery presents APPETITE OF GHOSTS a two person exhibition with artists Meg Franklin and Marcia Resnick. Merging Franklin’s paintings with Resnick’s photographs, the works in this exhibition explore the complexity of our identities and perceptions through memory and fantasy.

Hovering between life-like and an eerie other world, Meg Franklin’s canvases evoke curiosity and quiet mischief. Continuing to use velvet as her surface, Franklin’s new series of paintings are not her usual still- lifes of glowing candles and found objects, but rather fragments of clothing. The face of a shirt, a glove, a corset… or is it? It is hard to tell as it is not clothing to be worn, but rather a secret world of an unidentified person from the past or possibly future. Through her shadow play, distinct color palette and texture, the styles of her shirts allude to another era. There is something that feels familiar yet at the same time hard to place. By breaking down and minimizing her subjects, Franklin turns clothing into a passageway, inviting the viewer to explore their own memories and experiences.

Marcia Resnick is attracted to “looking at the ludicrous and incongruous side of events”. In this exhibition we present selected photographs of the late 1970’s from her series Re-visions along with two additional narratives. Tapping into the fantasy and anxiety of female adolescence, Resnick explores the tension between the power of independence and the shackles of traditional female values. Combining dry humored text with a staged photograph, Resnick’s teenage protagonist wavers between mortification when her actions draw attention and being provocative by setting herself apart in clothes or situation. Marcia Resnick’s photographs lure the viewer into a capsule of time -- wrestling with the need to be seen, a desire for adulthood, a quest for knowledge, closeness and autonomy.

In APPETITE OF GHOSTS we navigate through memories and fantasies to push past self-definitions.

Marcia Resnick was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1950. Resnick’s photographs are in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA; George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX; The National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA and numerous private collections. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions in New York at Deborah Bell Gallery.

Meg Franklin was born in Young Harris, GA in 1982. She received her MFA from New York Academy of Art. Her recent solo exhibitions include Gloryland, Oculus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2018); Small, Small World, Marvin Gardens, Queens, NY (2018), as well as several group exhibitions in Brooklyn, NY.


The Art Newspaper, January 31st, 2019