TURN Gallery is pleased to present ROWING TOO a solo exhibition in our Parlour Room of a new series of paintings by Mason Saltarrelli.

Paint the drawings. Draw the paintings. Paint and draw the drawings and paintings. Make the works on paper on linen. Linen is a form of history. Make ten, see what happens. Take what was then and turn it into now. See how what happened between those two points manifests. Prepare a space to translate the past into the present. Don’t get too literal. The past has passed. Paint them for the future. Paint them as their own pieces that you will contemplate next time you are here. Here, the place you keep coming back to. Here, so you might see them and if you do they might offer you some peace.

From September 12 - 29, 2021 I painted ten paintings on linen thinking of the works on paper from my book ROWING. Julian Schnabel, Adam Turnbull and I edited work I made from 2008-2019 to include in the publication. The process forced me to look back through my work and inside of myself. The paintings in ROWING TOO at TURN Gallery are windows to the church of my practice. They are renewed replications of past experiences of mark making. They are translations of my history of painting in Montauk and Brooklyn. They are my continuation of ROWING by hand through marshes of form. They are my reaffirmations of time spent with others, even if just for a moment. - Mason Saltarrelli

Saltarrelli’s book ROWING published by Pacific is available here.