In partnership with Ace Hotel New York, TURN Gallery is pleased to present a unique installation of artwork by Mason Saltarrelli on view November 3rd through December 2nd. The Ace Hotel New York is located at 20 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001.

The work of New Orleans-born, Brooklyn-based artist Mason Saltarrelli navigates connections between spirits and mortality by utilizing various found and invented narrative symbols. Saltarrelli paints and draws expressively — his intuition producing open-ended, intersecting motifs that invite exploration from the viewer. Saltarrelli’s works on canvas, paper and wood transform inanimate, human and animal beings into playful subjects in an ever-evolving examination of shape and color. Having previously worked with the Ace Hotel New Orleans, Saltarrelli’s triptych commemorating jazz trumpeters Doc Cheatham, Lionel Ferbos and Percy Humphrey now hangs permanently in the hotel’s lobby.

Ace Blog Interview with Mason Saltarreli