TURN Gallery presents Nothing Ever Touches, German sculptor Lisa Seebach’s first solo exhibition in the United States.

Lisa Seebach’s sculptural formations are reminiscent of a deserted playground at night. Her spatial vernacular evokes human vulnerability and intuition. Using bent steel and ceramic volumes, she constructs what appear like enlarged drawings transcribed in space. The works’ underlying freehand drawings emerge on site from memory, observation, emotion and abstract circumstances.

Seebach’s latest body of work, created for the exhibition Nothing Ever Touches, examines the notion of touch. What is touch? Can it truly exist? Her investigation of this subject is founded on an interest in the laws of quantum mechanics, particularly in the assertion that surfaces are not solid, but actually composed of innumerable and vibrating particles of matter. The resulting sculpture and installation work mediates this scientific principle and applies it to objects of a human scale. In this exhibition, several sculptures have a distinct metal point that hovers above the ground - a fragile suspension of intimacy between the visible and invisible. It is through this stage of illusion that Seebach reconnects the disconnected — even if it is for a moment — alluding to a sense of “touch” that transcends physical associations.


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