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TURN Gallery presents I and I, a collaborative painting exhibition with artists Farshad Farzankia and Mason Saltarrelli opening Friday February 28th, 2020. Originating from a visit to Farshad Farzankia’s Copenhagen studio in August 2019 a journey began that resulted in twenty-six collaborative paintings by Farzankia and Saltarrelli. Presented here at TURN Gallery is a selection by the artists of some of those works made in Copenhagen between September 2019 and January 2020.

Farshad Farzankia

I and I, marks Farshad Farzankia’s first exhibition in New York. Born in Tehran in 1980, Farzankia emigrated to Denmark with his family in 1989. Utilizing icons of personal importance and drawing from his love of cinema, Farzankia presents questions about who is seen and how objects maintain meaning across real and imagined borders. Remixing narratives of migration and power relations in his work, Farshad employs and grows the importance of figurative symbolism. Imagery of birds, red tulips, and human forms reappear and morph from canvas to canvas. Using bold confident colors and expressive brush-work, his paintings rumble within our current reality and uneven world dialogue.

His most recent solo exhibitions include Politikens Forhal, Copenhagen, DK; Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK and a two person exhibition with Kimia Ferdowsi Kline at 68 Projects Berlin, Germany. Farshad Farzankia lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mason Saltarrelli

The work of New Orleans-born, Brooklyn-based artist Mason Saltarrelli navigates connections between spirits and objects by utilizing various found and invented roaming symbols. His abstracted narratives are rendered through a meditative inspiration creating a direct and emotional experience on each canvas. Saltarrelli paints and draws expressively — his intuition producing open-ended, intersecting motifs that invite exploration from the viewer. Reducing his marks down to the essential, Saltarrelli’s canvases transform inanimate, human and animal beings into playful subjects in an ever-evolving examination of shape and color.

His most recent solo exhibitions include Meessen De Clerq, Brussels, BE; TURN Gallery, New York, NY; Bjorn & Gundorph Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark; Marvin Gardens, Queens, NY, and a two person exhibition with Bill Saylor at Shrine Gallery, New York, NY. Group exhibitions include Morán Morán, Los Angeles, CA; Rental Gallery, East Hampton, NY; Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden; Feuer Mesler, New York, NY among others. Mason Saltarrelli lives and works in Brooklyn NY.